Full Track Engineering

Are you a busy DJ or have other commitments that keep you away from the studio? Do you lack professional equipment and extensive knowledge in audio production? Whether you want to write a Beatport hit from scratch or remake a track based on a reference, we are here to help. After a free consultation about your goals, style, and any other requirements you may have, our producers and engineers with years of sound design experience, will craft your music with utmost attention to detail.

Boost up your career with the help from people who have been working in the industry for over 15 years and have released on top labels in your music genre.

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Finish Your Loop

Can’t get out of that 8 bar loop? Many producers find it impossible to escape the loop. If that sounds familiar to you, send us your track for free evaluation and we will suggest any additional production necessary to turn it into a full blow, professionally sounding record.

After completion you will receive back mastered WAV stems, MIDI files, as well as the project file.

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Track Starter

If you lack inspiration for your next track, choose this service. There is no better way to start a song than 16 bars of properly arranged, mixed and mastered material. We offer a choice of track templates that contain all key elements of a song like drums, percussion, synths, bass, vocal and FX, ready to be turned into full tracks.

  • Ready for arranging
  • Project files, stems, and MIDI files included
  • Alterations available upon request
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Drums Design & Layering

Are your tracks lacking groove or sounding too mechanical? The problem is probably in the drums. After an initial listen, we will suggest whether some sounds need replacing or additional layering is needed and propose which direction should be taken with the track, based on the style you are working towards. We will thicken up the sound and add little intricate grooves to your music, creating a rich and quality background. Some examples:

  • Additional percussion layering
  • Layering drum tops
  • 4×4 Clap and Hat replacements/layering
  • Mixing and Mastering of current layers included

After the project has been finalised, you will get back mastered WAV stems as well as the project file, included all in the price.

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Synth Replacement / Creation

Sometimes adding one original distinct sound to the arrangement can make a half decent track a top charting record. We have seen so many producers struggle with laying down the right sounds and achieving that ‘glue’ in the record, so we felt it  was necessary to design this unique service to help you to freshen up the arrangement with something outstanding.

Some examples could include melody composition, designing or replacing leads, pads, basslines, synths, adding a melody and more. We have a collection of analogue synths from Moog, Roland, Dave Smith Prophet, which can be used to replace your plugin sound if desired. Send us your track for a free quotation.

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Kick & Bass Creation

Kick & bass may seem like simple elements, yet sometimes are the most difficult to nail. They need to work together as one body, glued and tuned perfectly. We will design both of them based on your brief or a reference track. Or you can also choose from a list of pre made examples.

  • Perfectly matched combo
  • EQ, compression, levels and limiting taken care of
  • Club & radio ready sound

You will receive back mastered kick & bass stems plus a midi file for the bassline (so you can determine the key/pitch).

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Vocal Sourcing

We will find the vocals you need to make your track stand out from the crowd. Our large database contains professionally produced vocals as well as a roster of world class vocalists if you are looking for something more custom made for your project. Be it spoken word, diva style, Motown, interviews, or an MC… you name it. We got it all covered.

All of our vocals are copyright cleared and have been professionally recorded in acoustically treated studio using top analogue gear and condenser microphones.

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